“There’s a great feature on the new iPhone X for all your friends who talk crap,” Oliver McAteer reports for for Metro.co.uk. “One of the features on Apple’s latest model includes using face recognition to talk as the poop emoji and send it in a text message.”

“The highly-anticipated X model comes with all the main features that were rumored including face recognition, no home button and a full-screen interface,” McAteer reports. “The iPhone X will cost you $999 and will be shipping from November 3.”

“Apple also introduced and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus model which come in a series of new colors including gold,” McAteer reports. “They include the highest-quality video schedule ever for the iPhone and new ‘portrait mode’ for the camera. Other features include augmented reality gaming. iPhone 8’s will start at $699, and the Plus model at $799. They will be out on September 22.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Whatever gets and keeps them talking is okay with Apple, we’re sure.