“It looks as though Apple had to sacrifice some size this year to get new features such as wireless charging into the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus,” Sean P. Aune reports for TechnoBuffalo.

“According to a trusted and reliable source, the ‘s’ series iPhones this year are going to be slightly bigger in every dimension,” Aune reports. “We are of course talking size differences that the vast majority of consumers won’t even notice, but it is intriguing nonetheless.”

Aune reports, “With wireless charging said to be coming to every iPhone model this year, that would make for more technology Apple needs to cram into its devices, so it makes sense the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus would need a bit more room.”

Read more and see the exact dimensions in the full article here.

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And, yes, we wish Apple would drop the self-defeating “S” nomenclature which stupidly screams to most of the world (“No big deal this year! No pressing need to upgrade!”).

We’d love to see a clean break with something like the following naming scheme:

• OLED iPhone -> iPhone Pro (2017)
• iPhone 7 Plus -> iPhone Plus (2017)
• iPhone 7 – iPhone (2017)
• iPhone SE – iPhone mini (2017)

From that point on, simply change the year as Apple already does with Macs. The Plus models will die out as OLED takes over and the huge Plus bodies needed to accommodate LCD are no longer required. The iPhone line could then be simplified to:

• iPhone Pro (year)
• iPhone (year)
• iPhone mini (year)

The top of the line could also be grown to offer varied sizes with display size designations (again as Apple already does with Macs):

• 6.5-inch iPhone Pro (year)
• 5.8-inch iPhone Pro (year)
• iPhone (year)
• iPhone mini (year)