“There aren’t many ways to make data center storage exciting, but mentioning a drive that could hold up to one petabyte (1,000 terabytes) comes close,” a href=”https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/08/intels-push-for-petabyte-ssds-requires-a-new-kind-of-drive/” target=”_new”>Richard Lawler reports for Engadget. “Intel is making the case to swap out old disk-based drives in data centers with SSDs, and as part of that it’s showing off a new ‘Ruler’ form factor.”

Jamie Fletcher reports for TechGage, “The new ‘Ruler’ form factor is so named by Intel for its ‘long, skinny shape’ and is all about storage density with the least amount of power and cooling required. Intel plans for these new ruler SSDs to make their way into super high-density storage racks, with up to 1PB (one Petabyte) in a 1U server. To put that in perspective, to achieve the same storage with 10TB hard drives, requires a fully loaded, 100-bay 4U server.”

“Unfortunately, this is just a tease at the moment, as Intel have not published more than a marketing statement and the slide we managed to acquire,” Fletcher reports. “No word on dimensions or connectors, but it may end up using a standard SATA or U.2 SAS-enabled connector.”


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