“Taking peer-to-peer direct wireless transfers to new heights, a new video shows Apple’s AirDrop technology being used to send pictures taken from one plane to another in-flight, at 35,000 feet,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“YouTube poster LouB747 posted the video on August 3,” Wuerthele reports. “The video depicts him in the pilot seat, communicating from 35,000 feet, with the other Singapore Airlines plane at 36,000 feet in close proximity.”

Wuerthele reports, “The pilot sent pictures of the plane in flight to the other plane, with the recipient acknowledging receipt on the plane’s radio.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s AirDrop. Appropriately named.

This has to be a world record for AirDrop altitude (and maybe distance)!

Oh, wait: AppleInsider “spoke to a former naval aviator who has transitioned to commercial flight. He confirmed to us that this is not all that uncommon amongst pilots, and he has done it at approximately the same range and altitude on more than one occasion.”

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