Later today, after market close, “Apple will report solid results for the June quarter, but media focus will be on guidance clues for the iPhone 8,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “In a report I posted earlier for Rethink Technology subscribers, I gave my expectations for Apple’s fiscal Q3 results. Apple will post a slight revenue beat, but will meet expectations for EPS. I get the impression that no one will really care. All the attention is going to be focused on guidance for fiscal Q4, since this will speak to the rumors of a delayed launch for what is usually called the iPhone 8.

“There’s a theory going around, propounded by Christopher Mims, that the iPhone 8 is meant to be more experimental, more leading-edge, more aspirational. I agree. My interpretation continues to be that the iPhone 8 (or X as I prefer to call it) was always intended to be a high-priced, limited availability, commemorative model,” Hibben writes. “I believe this was necessitated by the need to not provide too much profit to Samsung, the assumed OLED screen supplier, as Apple develops other sources, such as LG or Foxconn’s Sharp subsidiary. And to ensure that the iPhone 8 doesn’t cannibalize sales of the iPhone 7s.”

“It doesn’t really matter whether iPhone X arrives in the September quarter or later,” Hibben writes. “Apple’s iPhone revenue will mostly depend on the iPhone 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t think iPhone Pro (or “8” or “X”) will be quite as niche as Hibben describes, but the iPhone 7s/Plus (we wish Apple would stop with the self-defeating “s” nomenclature already!) will be both overlooked in terms of capabilities and underestimated in unit sales.