“Following the discovery of a new version of OSX/Leverage, a backdoor first spotted in 2013, Apple has issued an update to its XProtect malware definitions to version 2093,” Derek Erwin reports for Intego.

“This update provides basic detection for this new threat, which the Apple security team named OSX.Leverage.A,” Erwin reports. “Intego VirusBarrier already provides protection against this threat, which it identifies as OSX/FlashyComposer.A.”

“The malware is a newer version of OSX/Leverage.A, which Intego analyzed back in 2013,” Erwin reports. “The new iteration disguises itself as a fake Flash Player update, which Intego warned could happen in our 2013 blog post. A potential victim will land on a webpage designed to appear as though it is a legitimate Adobe website, which loads an iframe from a URL with malicious code. If a victim allows the execution of the malicious file when prompted or manually executes it from the Downloads folder, the Leverage malware installs a backdoor…”

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