“AT&T on Tuesday reported record-low wireless churn — fewer subscriber disconnects as customers delayed upgrading smartphones — joining T-Mobile US, which also reported record low churn on July 19,” Reinhardt Krause reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“The upshot: Consumers are likely waiting for the new Apple iPhones before switching service providers and upgrading, said Jonathan Chaplin, analyst at New Street Research, in a report,” Krause reports. “AT&T reported churn of 0.8% for the June quarter while T-Mobile reported churn of 1.1%. At that rate, AT&T would lose less than 10% of subscribers over 12 months, while T-Mobile would see about 13% leave.”

“The big question is whether wireless wars will get worse as the release of new iPhones approaches, says Simon Flannery, a Morgan Stanley analyst in a report,” Krause reports. “‘Carriers view iPhone launches as opportunities to gain market share, which usually elevates competitive behavior,’ he said in a report. T-Mobile in 2016 launched a “free” iPhone promotion that was replicated by other wireless firms, he noted. ‘When promotions are quickly replicated, the biggest beneficiary is usually Apple,’ Flannery added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, competition! Get ready for great deals on your new Apple iPhone, if you can find one!