“Apple’s 87W USB-C power adapter is meant for charging the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar,” Uzair Ghani writes for WCCFTech. “But is it safe to charge an iPhone or iPad with it?”

“Will it fry your iPhone or iPad upon connection? Or give your devices a super speedy recharge?” Ghani writes. “Guess what? Nothing fancy will happen at all. It will just charge your device at its fastest, safe charging rate. Nothing more.”

“Our devices are becoming very, very smart when it comes to the amount of power they should draw safely,” Ghani writes. “The days of worrying that your device might overheat, or even explode because of excessive power draw are long gone. In other words: if you have an 87W power adapter, or even a 61W one, your iPhone or iPad are absolutely safe when it comes to charging.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It works (but we stick with Apple and Anker power adapters just to be on the safe side).