“Apple announced plans to adopt the HEIF image format at WWDC,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “When it did it pointed at the format’s higher-quality and much smaller image sizes, but I think there are big implications beyond this.”

In Harry Potter, “you may recall the picture the young wizard had of his Mum, Dad, and himself. They seemed alive in the image. It seemed like magic. These days it seems like an Apple Live Photo,” Evans writes. “A still image that is also a video, Live Photos is a perfect example of the kind of image-based technologies HEIF will enable in future Apple hardware and software products. At present the way it works depends on several technologies and a series of images, but with HEIF the image file can actually be a real video (and audio, and many other things).”

Evans writes, “I am certain Apple’s move to adopt this powerful new image format mean that we’ll see a deepening connection between the photos we take daily and the introduction of advanced technologies that make such images virtually real.”

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