“iOS 11 allows you to set different functionality when you double-tap either AirPod,” Jason Cipriani reports for CNET.

“Meaning, you can use the left AirPod to Play/Pause your music and the right to go to the Next track,” Cipriani reports. “Or leave one AirPod to activate Siri while the other is assigned another task.”

Cipriani reports, “The options include: Siri, Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, Off.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Currently, with iOS 10, users of AirPods can double-tap to use Siri or use the phone. While wearing either AirPod, two quick, sharp taps on the outside of that AirPod will activate Siri or use the phone.

Users can also change settings so that a double tap plays/pauses music instead or turn off double tap functionality completely by opening the AirPod Case, then going to Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods on their iOS device.