“The true extent to which Apple has become an iPhone company can only be appreciated when you look at key statistics about the game-changing device,” Natalie Walters reports for TheStreet.

“From the launch of the first iPhone in June 2007 to mostly ecstatic reviews to now, Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones. In addition, the iPhone makes up about 44% of the smartphone market in the U.S., where users spend up to 5 hours per day on their mobile devices. ,” Walters reports. “An April 2017 survey from Morgan Stanley that showed about 92% of iPhone owners say they are ‘somewhat likely’ or ‘extremely likely’ to upgrade their device in the next year.”

Here are three stunning figures that show how huge Apple’s smartphone business has become:

• 1.2 billion iPhones have been sold since 1997
• The iPhone has brought in 3/4 of a trillion dollars in revenue
• There are an estimated 715 million iPhone users worldwide

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing’s more impressive that Apple’s utter domination of smartphone market profit share.

Apple took 83% of smartphone market profits in calendar first quarter – May 16, 2017