“Back in February, noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo laid out his expectations for the display resolution on the so-called “iPhone 8,” a brand-new iPhone scheduled for release later this year that forgoes the traditional Home button and LCD screen in favor of an OLED display that fills essentially the entire front of the device,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Working from his expectations, we believe we are seeing increasing evidence of iPhone 8 devices visiting MacRumors,” Slivka reports. “The numbers are unsurprisingly extremely low, but what we’re seeing matches what we’d expect from Kuo’s resolution claims. It has also become consistent enough that it’s increasingly unlikely these data points are fakes or one-off blips in our analytics.”

“According to Kuo, the iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch display, but with a strip along the bottom of the display reserved for a ‘”function area,'” Slivka reports. “While Kuo says the overall 5.8-inch display will have a resolution of 1242 x 2800 pixels, he claims the active ‘display area” will measure 5.15 inches diagonally with a resolution of 1125 x 2436. That’s likely the screen size that would be presented to Safari and other apps as the usable display space… Since June 1, we’ve been seeing anywhere between one and four visits from these devices nearly every day. All of them are also reporting themselves as running iOS 11.0…”

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MacDailyNews Take: We just checked. So far, we have not yet seen a single visit from such a display resolution (375×812; see full article). We do se a couple outliers with 375 widths (not counting the expected 375×667 and 375×627) since March 2017.

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