“Among multiple software announcements that came out of WWDC last week, Apple unveiled details about watchOS 4, the newest operating system that will arrive on Apple Watch devices later this fall,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“As developers spend more time with the watchOS 4 beta,” Broussard reports, “new surprises in the software become uncovered, and now MacRumors forum member mrToasty has come across a previously unseen birthday-related message that Apple has included in watchOS 4.”

Broussard reports, “On your birthday, Apple will send a “Happy Birthday!” notification to your Apple Watch, and when you tap on it your watch face will be showered with celebratory balloons.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our Apple Watch Nike+ (and Apple Watch with the Nike Run Club app, for that matter) makrs users’ birthdays with the message “Birthday miles bring birthday smiles” (or something to that effect) after completing a run on your birthday.

In a happy coincidence, today is the MacDailyNews‘ founder’s birthday. After he ran a 5K earlier today, he got the Nike birthday message on his Apple Watch.

Whatever Apple can do to increase Apple Watch personalization, the better. The more personalized the device/service is, the stickier it becomes.