“Apple is playing catch up. Six years ago, it was the first major tech company with a voice assistant. Now Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home smart speakers are finally making the assistants mainstream, while Apple’s Siri flounders,” Heather Kelly reports for CNN. “Next week at WWDC, Apple may try to get back in the game by announcing a Siri smart speaker.”

“CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives will show previews of the next iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV operating systems during a Monday keynote address in San Jose, California,” Kelly reports. “There are also rumors the company will announce a new smart speaker and updates to its Mac and iPad lines.”

“This is the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary. In addition to releasing a special iPhone update later this year, a bigger than usual iOS update would also make sense,” Kelly reports. “Beyond a visual overhaul, Apple could include updates to Apple Music and some core apps like Maps.”

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