“Apple in a patent application published Thursday details a method of integrating an intelligent virtual assistant — Siri — into a messaging environment, allowing users to participate in text-based exchanges with the AI, while opening up automation and helper tools to traditional Messages conversations with friends,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s patent application for an “Intelligent automated assistant in a messaging environment” describes a method of meshing Siri with a graphical user interface designed for text messaging,” Campbell reports. “Importantly, the integration would grant Siri the ability to not only converse with a single user, but also act as a third party in group chats.”

“Siri integration would enable users to “talk” to the virtual assistant using any form of communication supported by Messages, which at this time includes text, audio, images and video,” Campbell reports. “As noted in the patent application, moving Siri to a messaging environment fosters all-new interactions. For example, a text-based UI is preferable in noisy environments or in quiet locations where audio interactions are not desired, like a library or movie theater.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This cannot arrive soon enough!

So many times over the years, we’ve wanted to be able to type queries/commands to Siri, and wondered when (if) we’d ever get the capability from Apple. Hopefully our wish will be granted with the next-gen iOS, macOS and, yes, tvOS versions!