“Apple is planning a worldwide overnight ‘refresh’ of its older retail stores on the night of May 16, according to our own sources,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “We understand that this is specifically for older and smaller stores that aren’t suitable for the full redesign we’ve seen in flagship stores.”

“Some stores can’t accommodate all of the new design features, so are instead being treated to a design refresh which has been described as a ‘halfway house’ between the original and new looks,” Lovejoy reports. “While some behind-the-scenes work may begin earlier, the plan appears to be for the new look to be revealed when stores re-open on May 17.”

Lovejoy reports, “Angela Ahrendts last month talked about redefining the role of Apple Stores as ‘town squares’ where people meet to learn, engage and socialize.”

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MacDailyNews Note: An example of the redesign as applied to a typical Apple “mall” store is Apple Crossgates (Albany, NY) which has already been refreshed:

Apple Store Crossgates

Apple Crossgates