“The barricades in front of the upcoming Apple Store at Orchard Road’s Knightsbridge mall came down on Wednesday night (3 May),” Trevor Tan reports for The Straits Times. “Three icons – Apple, Love, Red Dot – adorn the tall store’s tall glass doors. It means ‘Apple loves the red dot,’ or ‘Apple loves Singapore.’ There is also the wording Apple Orchard Road – the official name of the Apple retail store – below the icons.”

“In addition, there are twelve smaller groups of these icons close to the doors of the store,” Tan reports. “Each group of icon has a different red dot to represent the twelve local Creative Pros that Apple has selected. They will conduct free hands-on sessions at the upcoming Apple Orchard Road Store. These sessions, collectively called ‘Today at Apple,’ will be launching progressively in all Apple Retail Stores across the world this month. The Apple Orchard Road store will certainly be one of the first stores in the world to have these sessions when its doors finally open.”

Tan reports, “The Straits Times understands that the Apple Orchard Road store will be opening soon, but no specific date or time has been provided.”

More info and photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The rest of the world will think that means “Apple Loves Japan” (which is also true), but Singaporeans will get it.