Apple’s “iPhone 8 is shaping up to be a beast when it comes to the raw performance of its chipset,” GSMArena reports. “Today a leaked screenshot surfaced in China purporting to depict the results obtained by the iPhone 8 after running Geekbench 4.0.”

“The iPhone 8 has absolutely destroyed the competition,” GSMArena reports. “Its single-core score of 4,537 is 30% better than what the iPhone 7 was able to achieve. What about the Android competition, you ask? Well, the closest any of those has come is Samsung’s Galaxy S8 with 1,945 (that’s not a typo).”

“The iPhone 8’s multi-core score is 8,975, which is 58% better than its predecessor’s,” GSMArena reports. “The Android device that’s scored the best here so far is the Galaxy S8+ with 6,338. That means the next iPhone performs 41% better than its most important Android-based competitor.”

Alleged Apple A11, 2.75GHz in "iPhone 10,6" running iOS 11

Alleged Apple A11, 2.75GHz in “iPhone 10,6” running iOS 11

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhones have always beaten Android phones in real world use as well. It’s the advantage of controlling the whole widget, owning both the silicon and the OS, versus cobbling together iPhone knockoffs/lookalikes with off-the-shelf parts from third-parties who obviously cannot compete with Apple in either discipline.

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