“John Goodenough, who is credited as the co-inventor of the li-ion battery cell, and his team at the Cockrell School of Engineering have released their findings of what is being described as a ‘breakthrough’ for solid-state batteries,” Fred Lambert reports for Electrek.

“Solid-state batteries are thought to be a lot safer than common li-ion cells and could have more potential for higher energy density, but we have yet to see a company capable of producing it in large-scale and at an attractive price point,” Lambert reports. “In collaboration with senior research fellow Maria Helena Braga, the 94-year-old scientist published a recent paper in the journal Energy & Environmental Science that claims to solve some of those problems.”

“They are making impressive claims about the prototype cells that they produced with this new technology,” Lambert reports. “They say that it enables ‘at least three times as much energy density,’ demonstrated ‘more than 1,200 cycles with low cell resistance,’ and can operate ‘from -20 degrees Celsius to under 60 degree Celsius.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Usually, “battery breakthroughs” can be dismissed as hyperbole, but with scientist of Goodenough’s pedigree, not so fast! This sounds like more than “good enough,” indeed!