“Imagine having movies downloaded and ready to watch on your phone, without ever using your data or slowing down your device,” Claire Reilly reports for CNET. “In fact, imagine having movies on your phone without you ever having to think about downloading them.”

“That’s the promise of a new service announced at Mobile World Congress by Ericsson, Australian carrier Telstra and 21st Century Fox (through its in-house innovation group the Fox Innovation Lab),” Reilly reports. “The pilot program, which kicks off in Australia today, will push Full HD movies to a user’s phone without the need to download them, ready to watch with or without a network connection.”

“It’s all thanks to LTE Broadcast technology (also known as LTE-B or multicast), which lets carriers and telecommunications providers push content to a large number of users at once using existing LTE spectrum,” Reilly reports. “Best of all, the carrier only needs to use a single stream of data to push the content (hence the idea of broadcasting) rather than requiring each user to download their own stream and put massive strain on the network.”

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MacDailyNews Note: There are also plans to trial the technology in the US, but no date or details have yet been scheduled. This technology is still very much in the testing stage.