“I haven’t written a lot about the Apple Watch Series 2, despite having worn it for the past few months,” Jason Snell writes for Six Colors. “But when I went on vacation in January, I began to appreciate the Apple Watch even more.”

“At home I noticed that the Series 2 Apple Watch was brighter (Apple says twice as bright!) as my original Apple Watch, but the real validation came when I was on vacation,” Snell writes. “Despite my sunglasses and the bright light, I never had a problem reading my Apple Watch at any point. That’s not something I could say about the original Apple Watch.”

“Most of the time, my iPhone is within reach—either it’s in my pocket, on my desk, or a few strides away. But on vacation, there were numerous instances where my phone wasn’t really accessible. We went to a lot of beaches, and generally our stuff would be packed away in a backpack and not particularly accessible, especially if we were wet or covered in sand,” Snell writes. “But that Apple Watch was on my wrist, and as a result, I was able to answer calls and reply to texts (we had eight people and three cars, so there was a lot of coordinating going on) without needing to dig my phone out of the bag”

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MacDailyNews Take: A change of scenery and daily routine can work wonders and reveal new things about what seem to be familiar devices. We never fail to appreciate our 11-inch MacBook Airs and Apple Watches while on the road or on holiday!