“Lost in the hand-wringing over Apple’s iPhone 13% year-over-year slide in sales is the recognition that, in just 10 years, Apple’s iOS devices have generated more than $1 trillion dollars in revenue for Apple, according to Asymco founder Horace Dediu’s analysis,” Matt Asay writes for TechRepublic. ”

“With $980 billion in iOS device revenues, and another $100 billion from services, Apple has built one of the most impressive businesses of all time,” Asay writes. “Can it endure?”

“While it’s possible that Apple will cut into Android’s installed base, the real opportunity for Apple isn’t the hardware it obsesses over, but rather the software running thereon,” Asay writes. “Or, rather, the cloud that infuses that client-side software with data. This is Apple’s game to lose, given its propensity to tightly align hardware, software, and cloud.”

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MacDailyNews Take: After a prolonged bumpy start, Apple’s cloud services have come a very long way from the iTools/.Mac/MobileMe days to arrive at where they are today. It’s a bright spot on Tim Cook’s resume as Apple CEO. With Apple’s cloud services, the sky is truly the limit!