“I said it when I wrote about the awful decision to remove the headphone jack, and I’ll say it again now: I like my iPhone a lot,” Jordan Minor writes for Geek. “However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that since there are no more obvious improvements left to be made to the device beyond better specs, Apple is making its phones worse in the attempt to make them different.”

“The latest terrible-sounding iPhone feature?” Minor writes. “A mode designed specifically for use in movie theaters.”

“Some recently discovered 2014 Apple patents have been causing quite a controversy among film fans. The documents propose the idea of having users press a popcorn-shaped button to put their iPhone in ‘Theater Mode,'” Minor writes. “This would dim the screen, turn off sounds, disable certain wireless communication, and even let theater owners know who is being a respectful audience member in exchange for some reward.”

Minor writes, “The only ‘Theater Mode’ is turning your phone off.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we agree wholeheartedly: The only “Theater Mode” is turning your phone off.

We do not agree at all that removing the antiquated headphone jack was an “awful decision.”