“As usual, Apple doesn’t comment much on Apple TV but I see things looking up for Apple’s stepchild hobby,” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for Tera Talks.

“AT&T’s new DirecTV Now streaming television service is available on Apple TV as an application, and there’s a deal that gets you a free Apple TV is you pay a few months in advance,” O’Brien writes. “Apps now number a few thousand, and other than local news, there’s not much you get on cable TV that you won’t find something similar on Apple TV.”

“What’s new?” O’Brien writes. “Remember Turner Classic Movies? Yeah, it’s the black and white channel somewhat buried in your cable TV guide. TCM just launched FilmStruck, a new movie subscription service, available on Apple TV… How much? $6.99 a month. What you get is a library of movies you probably won’t find anywhere else, including hundreds of arthouse, foreign, indie, and cult movies.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more content the better, but we’re spending more time using our 4K TV’s native apps for Netflix and Amazon Video lately as they stream content in 4K UltraHD.