“What’s really wrong with the Mac Pro?” Wil Gomez asks for Ma360. “You won’t see too many Mac Pros in the wild and even then it seems as if there are more of the humongous cheese grater Mac Pro models of yesteryear still running than there are new Mac Pro cylinders gracing the desktops of system administrators, programmers, and creative pros.”

“the Mac Pro hasn’t been upgraded in more than three years and still ships with an older Xeon CPU that has seen three upgrades from Intel since. The Mac Pro also carries the distinction of being the only Mac assembled in the U.S. of A,” Gomez writes. “The Mac Pro can be upgraded. Mostly. I have a few co-workers who use the Mac Pro, and know a few others in the Mac creative field– graphics and media– who have Mac Pros in use daily. Except for one thing, they love the Mac Pro. But why?”

“First, it’s screaming fast. In the right configuration. Mac Pros need plenty of cores, plenty of RAM, and plenty of SSD storage, and those components add up quickly. A not quite fully tricked out 12-core CPU Mac Pro with basic 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage and dual 6GB GPUs weighs in at $7,599. Repeat. That’s $7,599,” Gomez writes. “Those prices do not include screens, keyboard, or mouse.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What if Apple were to spin off the Mac by creating a subsidiary – Macintosh Inc. – so that the resulting company could focus solely on the Mac and give it the level of attention it currently lacks but so richly deserves?