“Remember when USB-C was a bad word?” Nate Swanner writes SlashGear. “It wasn’t long after the original 12-inch MacBook landed that we began our love-hate relationship with USB-C. It was universal, which is great, but without the lineup of our favorite ports on the MacBook, many started to consider life a dongled hell.”

Swanner write, “With the new MacBooks Pro, Apple did its best to change all of that, and its famed reality distortion field helped assuage much of our contempt for USB-C.”

“Pay close attention, and you’ll notice that the term USB-C was muttered only once during Apple’s MacBook unveiling,” Swanner reports. “Instead, Apple turned the term ‘USB-C’ into ‘Thunderbolt 3,’ which is much more alluring and magical. We tend to think of Thunderbolt as a high-end data transfer port capable of ungodly things — mostly because it’s really that good.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The flood of accessories will come and the dongles will go into the drawer forevermore.