“My workflow is predominantly iOS-centric, but, lately, I’ve been turning more to the Mac — my girlfriend’s 15-inch MacBook Pro — to get work done,” Steven Aquino writes for TechCrunch.

“I’ve enjoyed getting reacquainted with Apple’s desktop operating system. I like the Mac,” Aquino writes. “With the aid of tricks like dark mode, enlarging the cursor size, and the double-tap-to-zoom gesture on my old Magic Mouse, using macOS again has been fun. For as much I adore iOS, there’s no reason I should ignore the Mac.”

“One reason for my renewed enthusiasm for the Mac is one of macOS Sierra’s banner features: Auto Unlock. Auto Unlock unlocks your Mac via Apple Watch instead of the user typing a password,” Aquino writes. ” There’s something magical about signing in without touching the keyboard. Apple touts Auto Unlock as a quick and convenient way to unlock your Mac, and it is. But it’s something else too: It’s a great de-facto accessibility feature, particularly for those who, like me, have both visual and fine-motor impairments…”

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MacDailyNews Take: It seems so simple, but it is “magical” to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. Its fun, too!

The Mac is the world’s most accessible traditional personal computer.

macOS Sierra: How to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch – September 20, 2016