“macOS Sierra makes it easier for Apple Watch owners to unlock their Macs with a new ‘Auto Unlock’ feature that lets the Apple Watch be used for authentication purposes instead of a traditional password,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“It’s a feature that’s limited to more recent Macs so it’s not going to work on every machine that can run Sierra, but when it is available, Auto Unlock is a super useful feature that genuinely saves a bit of time,” Clover reports. “It isn’t enabled by default, so there are a few steps to go through to turn Auto Unlock on.”

Clover reports, “Once enabled, Auto Unlock works automatically whenever your authenticated Apple Watch is near your Mac (as in within a few feet). When waking a Mac from sleep and the password entry screen pops up, it will say “Unlocking with Apple Watch…” instead of bringing up the password text box.”

Easy instructions on how to allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac here.

MacDailyNews Take: It works, it’s a timesaver, and it’s fun, too!