“Following Glenn Fleishmann’s recent article about setting up two-factor authentication to allow a wrist computer to unlock a desktop computer, I decided to turn on Apple’s augmented security to see how this feature worked,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld.And it was a disaster.”

“I activated two-factor authentication (2FA) and easily logged into my iMac, but was unable to log into any of my other devices,” McElhearn writes. “Apple’s support site was no help, and I eventually had to call AppleCare. The first thing I found out was that your devices become ‘trusted’ when you’ve logged into them.”

“Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me,” McElhearn writes. “I found that only my iMac was trusted, and even that didn’t show as being a trusted device on the Apple ID website… Needless to say, I just turned off 2FA. This system clearly does not work well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve had better luck. Have you, too, or did your experience with Apple’s two-factor authentication more closely mirror Kirk’s?