“We know that Apple will revamp some products on a pretty regular schedule: the iPhone, for example,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “Others get slightly less frequent updates, like the iPad or MacBooks.”

“But what about the Apple products that seem to sometimes go years without a refresh?” Moren writes. “There are more than a few of them, and while some occasionally find themselves in the rumor spotlight, others just continue chugging along as they are—perhaps doomed to an evolutionary dead-end, or maybe to be resurrected when Apple decides the moment is ripe.”

Moren writes, “Let’s take a moment to praise some of these unsung heroes, and hope that they may one day earn a press release or perhaps, unlikely as it might be, some stage time at an Apple event.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good Jobs, we hope that, of the three mentioned in the headline, that new Apple 5K display is right around the corner! Of the three, it seems the most sadly overdue by a large margin.