“Back on September 7th, Apple revealed its newest iPhone models, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as its newest OS system, iOS 10,” Caitlin O’Connell blogs for Localytics. “Prior to that event, we analyzed the current landscape of Apple’s market and saw there had been some movement within the iPhone models, notably the ‘6S’ models gaining more share.”

“With the first weekend of sales behind us for the newest iPhone models and 6 days into the launch of iOS 10, we looked at the data again to see how user adoption rates are faring,” O’Connell reports. “During the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 grabbed 1% of the device market share, while the iPhone 7 Plus accounts for .2%.”

“It is important to note that this data does not represent sales of the newest iPhone, but measures users who have received their phones and have started using apps. This year, many people decided to order online to avoid long lines which means these users will have to wait a couple weeks to get their hands on their new phone. Given that Apple is expected to sell 13 million phones this weekend, beating the first weekend of the ‘6S’ models last year, these adoption numbers are sure to rise once more users begin to receive their phones,” O’Connell reports. “Even though the early adoption is similar, predictions are that the iPhone 7 will bring more growth for Apple than the previous 6 models. Given that all iPhone 7 models and the jet-black version of the iPhone 7 Plus sold out in pre-orders, there is a demand for these models that was not seen in previous years.”

Read more, and see the charts, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: With Jet Black models backordered into November, and other colors still not shipping for 2-3 weeks, it’ll be months before we get an accurate picture of the level of iPhone 7/Plus success via app usage.