“While the Apple Watch may be inducing stress for some, the iPad seems to be doing quite the opposite,” Ananya Bhattacharya reports for Quartz.

“Apparently, the tablet can act as a calming force ahead of surgery for children between the ages of four to ten. That’s the finding of new research presented at the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong, held from Aug. 28 to Sept. 2,” Bhattacharya reports. “Using iPads to distract and lower anxiety levels prior to surgeries requiring general anaesthesia proved as effective as traditional sedatives, French researchers found.”

“Comparing the effects of the drug midazolam on 54 children, administered orally or rectally, with 58 others who played age-appropriate games on an iPad 20 minutes prior to anaesthesia, the researchers found that both the drug and the tablet equally blunted anxiety,” Bhattacharya reports. “Moreover, the tablet had an upper hand when it came to administering the numbing agent. Both parents and nurses rated the iPads more highly when evaluating the quality of induction of the anaesthesia.”

Every iPad model ever made

Every iPad model ever made

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MacDailyNews Take: iPads are also excellent for car rides and restaurants once the kid’s internal time limit has been exceeded, to name just two optimal iPad deployments.