“Parallels Desktop is celebrating its tenth birthday this year, and its regular cycle of annual updates has helped to consolidate its position as the leading virtualization tool for Mac users who need to run Windows apps on their office computers,” Cliff Joseph reports for ZDNet.

“Last year’s update followed the launch of Windows 10; it was a major upgrade that focused on supporting new Windows technologies, such as the Cortana voice-driven virtual assistant,” Joseph reports. “This year’s Parallels Desktop 12 is a more modest update, but it does include a number of useful features that make it a worthwhile upgrade for existing users.”

“Some of the new features in Parallels Desktop 12 are clearly aimed at home users, such as the ability to run the Xbox streaming app for Windows on the Mac. But there are also a number of timesaving improvements that will appeal to business users,” Joseph reports. “Parallels continues to finetune the program’s performance, and we found that we were able to suspend or resume a Windows 10 virtual machine on our office iMac in just three seconds — that’s around 50 percent faster than with the previous version… With regular updates that support the latest features in both Mac and Windows operating systems, Parallels Desktop 12 looks set to maintain its lead over virtualization rivals such as VMWare Fusion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, if you have to do it, Parallels is the smoothest way to run Windows on your Mac.