“Widely believed to be coming in September, as it has in previous years, the next iPhone has been the subject of much speculation. It’s said to lack a headphone jack, have a capacitive Home button, and a new dual camera system on the Plus version,” Michael Gartenberg writes for iMore. “Dubious screenshots aside, I also expect there’ll be a new processor that’s wicked fast.”

Gartenberg writes, “But Mac or iPhone, here’s what I’m left wondering: Does faster matter any more?”

“I wonder if we’ve got a time in technology where Moore’s Law — effectively the steady increase in chipset performance — isn’t that relevant anymore,” Gartenberg writes. “It’ll continue, of course. Chips will get faster. I just wonder if anyone really needs them to, at least for this moment in time.”

MacDailyNews Take: 640K of memory should be enough for anybody.

“I used to caution people who worked for me to not create research based personal habits. Me, in particular. Extrapolating my usage would make no sense — I’m the quintessential early adopter. Except perhaps now. The sleeper hit of 2016 so far was the iPhone SE. Long time readers know I downgraded from my iPhone 6s Plus to an iPhone SE. Yep, it was a downgrade no matter how you look at it. In short, I didn’t care about the optically stabilized camera, bigger screen, or 3D Touch. I cared about form factor because the technology inside was good enough,” Gartenberg writes. “And you know what? The technology inside remains good enough. So much so, even the ultimate gadget geek in me is finding it hard to get excited about anything rumored so far for the next iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re just waiting for the old man to start yelling at us to get off his lawn. 😉

Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone SE is a wonderful iPhone. It’s just not the ultimate iPhone.

The day the new flagship iPhone is available, our iPhones, like every single one of our Day One iPhones before it, are no longer “good enough.”

That’s how real “early adopters” operate.