“In order for Apple to stay in the game, it should consider breaking up its businesses, Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering Professor Vivek Wadhwa told CNBC’s Jon Fortt on ‘Squawk Alley’ Tuesday,” Lindsay Rittenhouse reports for TheStreet. “Apple’s break up would be modeled much like Google’s when it split its core Internet business from several of its other projects by becoming a subsidiary of Alphabet in 2015, according to Wadhwa.”

Rittenhouse reports, “‘Apple’s problem is that it has no new products. The iPhone is now nine years old, there’s been nothing new since then. Yeah they made it bigger, they made it smaller, they added some new processors and so on but that’s their last product,’ he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: iPad was released in 2010. It is not a “bigger iPhone.” Also:
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“Apple is being ‘left behind’ because its model of releasing ‘massive products every five or 10 years’ is not working anymore, Wadhwa stated,” Rittenhouse reports. “Wadhwa’s comments come ahead of Apple’s 2016 third quarter earnings report to be released after today’s market close.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Same old nonsense.

Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering should consider getting smarter professors.

“Left behind,” our collective ass.

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