“iPhone, iPad and Mac users are being urged to download the latest version of iOS and Mac OS X in order to protect themselves from a vulnerability that could allow malicious code to be executed on their device simply by downloading a dodgy image file,” Steve McCaskill reports for TechWeek Europe.

“In total iOS 9.3.3 fixes 40 vulnerabilities and Mac OS X patches 63, but it is CVE-2016-4631, discovered by researchers at Cisco’s Talos security division, that is attracting the most attention,” McCaskill reports. “The flaw relates to how Apple’s Image I/O API handles TIFF files – a standard created in the 1980s for scanned images.”

McCaskill reports, “Because images can be sent across the web without raising too much suspicion, the scope for exploitation is significant, especially since all [but the curent] versions of Mac OS and iOS are believed to be vulnerable.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t updated to the current versions of iOS (9.3.3) and OS X (10.11.6), do so ASAP.