“The Army’s Special Operations Command is dumping Android and moving to Apple’s iPhone, after field tests demonstrated that iOS devices outperformed their Android counterparts,” Joel Hruska reports for ExtremeTech. “Currently, the Army’s special forces uses the Android Tactical Assault Kit (AKAT), but the devices have been plagued with problems.”

“DoDBuzz reports that their source, who isn’t authorized to speak to the media, claims that the ATAK will freeze and fail to properly refresh the screen when soldiers attempt to simultaneously view the camera feed from an overhead drone while displaying the drone’s projected route,” Hruska reports. “It’s obviously important to keep both sides of that particular feed updated in real time, or soldiers won’t know if what they’re seeing from the feed is accurately synchronized to the drone’s current coordinates.”

Hruska reports, “‘It’s seamless on the iPhone,’ DoDBuzz’s source claimed. ‘The graphics are clear, unbelievable.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And, now, the U.S. Army’s Special Ops Command knows what we’ve all known since 2007:

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

Now, how much U.S. taxpayers’ money was flushed down the toilet due to some bean counter’s stupid decision to saddle U.S. Army special forces personnel with inferior wares in the first place?

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