“If you’re looking to greatly increase the storage capacity of your desktop computer, NAS server or surveillance recorder, Seagate’s got you covered,” Dong Ngo reports for CNET.

“The company today announced not one but three new 10TB hard drives: the [7,200RPM] Barracuda Pro, the IronWolf and SkyHawk,” Ngo reports. “These drives belong to an all-new Guadian series and are currently the highest capacity consumer-grade desktop hard drives on the market.”

“All of the new drives have the standard 3.5-inch (desktop) design and support the latest SATA 3 (6Gbps) standard,” Ngo reports. “The Barracuda Pro and the IronWolf are available now at the suggested prices of $534.99 (£406, AU$714 converted) and 469.99 (£357, AU$627), respectively. The SkyHawk will be released later this year and will cost $459.99 (£349, AU$614.)”

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