“This past weekend, I had a chance to spend some time with the beta version of watchOS 3, running on the Apple Watch of a developer,” Jeff Richardson writes for iPhone J.D. “After using the beta of watchOS 3, I can confirm that watchOS 3 is a significant upgrade and will vastly improve the experience of using an Apple Watch.”

“One of the best features of watchOS 3 is that apps launch faster. This feature works really well. If you put an app in the new Apple Watch Dock, accessed by using the side button, then the app launches much, much faster than on watchOS 2. Often it is instantaneous, which is amazing,” Richardson writes. “The Dock also makes it much easier and faster to find the apps that you use the most. It is much better than having to find an app on the honeycomb shaped home screen.”

“watchOS 3 is a major step forward,” Richardson writes. “Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the beta version of watchOS 3… I think that most Apple Watch users will be incredibly satisfied.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We missed Glances, but we got over it quickly since we always had too many Glances anyway (basically, we were trying to use Glances the way the new watchOS 3 dock works – putting our most frequently used info sources in Glances in an attempt to easily find them and have them run as quickly as possible).