“People aren’t stupid, but even smart people can be misled, and misleading is what the recent deluge of ‘iPhone 7 will be boring’ nonsense will turn out to be, once Apple takes the wraps of its new, hyper-connected device,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple is expected to shove a version of its new A10 series processor inside its new iPhone,” Evans writes. “This is going to be a very big deal indeed, as the A10 chip appears to be at least as fast as the A9X processor you’ll find inside an iPad Pro.”

Evans writes, “What this means is the new iPhones will be not only the most high performance smartphone you can get, but will stay that way for years as no one else has anything that comes close to this in real world tests.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Desktop class computing in your pocket and much of it accessible on your wrist. Welcome to the future!

Apple’s ‘boring’ iPhone 7 series set to surprise and delight – July 8, 2016