“Apple plans to provide a full repair service in Russia for all iPhone damages as the result of a lawsuit filed by a dissatisfied customer, the Vedomosti newspaper reported on Tuesday,” The Moscow Times reports. “The company is considering building a centralized repair center dedicated to full-service production, according to an unidentified source close to the company.”

“The decision comes after a lawsuit was filed against the company by Russian iPhone owner Dmitry Petrov in June,” The Moscow Times reports. “Petrov refused to pay extra to get his already warranted device exchanged through an outside provider, refused to get his device exchanged for a new one, and refused to use the services of an outside center for an extra fee of up to 30,000 rubles ($469). Instead, he sued Apple for violating consumer rights and asked for the necessary smartphone replacement screens to be available in Russian service centers.”

“It is not known when Apple’s centralized repair center will open, but it will be expensive,” The Moscow Times reports. “One unidentified employee of an Apple partnership corporation told Vedomosti that he believes it will cost between $1 and $2 million.”

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MacDailyNews Take: $1 and $2 million? How will Aople ever afford that?