“A new patent filed by Apple has left many worried that it will be used to censor civilians, with it allowing iPhone cameras to be remotely disabled using special infrared sensors,” Paul Tamburro reports for Crave. “With there being increased incentive to record the behavior of police officers in the wake of multiple shootings, some now fear that authorities will soon be able to get their hands on technology that will prevent civilians from utilizing their iPhone’s camera.”

“The patent, first filed in 2009, now grants Apple the ability to create technology that can disable iPhone users’ cameras,” Tamburro reports. “The example given in the patent features a “RECORDING DISABLED” message appearing on an iPhone screen at a concert, with two infrared sensors emitting waves that block the device’s camera. However, as pointed out by the American Civil Liberties Union, if placed in the hands of authorities this technology could effectively prevent civilians from recording police behavior.”

Tamburro reports, “[The ACLU writes], ‘If law enforcement gets a hold of this technology, it could be used to prevent individuals from recording traffic stops, arrests, and other interactions between law enforcement and the public. Depending on if and how Apple’s new patent becomes a technological reality, that’s a very real possibility.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The argument seems specious to us, not to mention opportunistic.

Apple granted patent that prohibits iPhones from taking photos at concerts, other sensitive locations – June 28, 2016