“The time has come to think differently about Siri,” John Patrick Pullen writes for Fortune. “Five years ago, Apple released it as a simple iPhone feature. But today’s Siri is something else entirely. Found everywhere from Apple Watches to Apple TV—and soon to be on Macs — it’s no longer just an intelligent assistant. It’s an invisible operating system poised to propel Apple, and its products, into the future.”

“The changes in Siri are not just an evolution of the iPhone’s software or even of Apple itself. They represent a major shift in personal computing, like the move from DOS to mice, or from mice to touch screens,” Pullen writes. “Today there’s a new evolution in computer interaction afoot: We’re making the leap to voice control.”

“Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Amazon has Alexa and Microsoft has Cortana. I believe Siri is leading the way, and not just because it’s coming to Mac computers later this year,” Pullen writes. “After all, Cortana has been on Windows PCs for years. It’s because when Siri arrives on the Mac, it will then be available on Apple computers, smartphones, wearable devices and the Apple TV set-top box. That’s an impressive arsenal.”

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