“Now, there’s a new smartphone app that lets you track when you mow, how often, the total time you spend, and even where you mow on your freshly manicured lawn,” John Brandon reports for Paste.

“The app is from John Deere and it’s called MowerPlus,” Brandon reports. “I decided to give it a whirl (quite literally) using a John Deere Z335E Zero-Turn 42-inch riding mower and find out how to improve my own lawn.”

“Lawn care experts say it’s best to ‘diversify’ how you cut. This creates a healthier lawn, one that looks like something pro golfer Rory McIlroy would appreciate,” Brandon reports. “If you use the same pattern, cut too often, or don’t cut enough, the turf tends to look dry and lacks color.”

John Deere MowerPlus app for iPhone and Apple Watch

John Deere MowerPlus app for iPhone and Apple Watch

“To start out, I installed the MowerPlus app on my iPhone 6s. There’s a big yellow button named Mow Now, so I climbed aboard the Z335E and clicked the button,” Brandon reports. “You see a GPS map of your own property and an estimate on speed, distance, and the coverage area by acre. I clicked Start Mowing, and the app tracked my exact pattern around my yard…”

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MacDailyNews Note: Plus, it works for other makes of lawn mowers and has an Apple Watch component, too!