“Much like discovering a BFG 900 weapon in the latest edition of Doom, a featured placement in a mobile app store can do wonders for a product’s downloads and sales,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “A recent report from App Annie highlights the impact that a featured placement can have on the success of an app. ‘…[App Annie‘s results] suggest that the featuring periods examined were responsible for a median increase in downloads of around 80%, but many increased downloads by 500% or more.'”

“That means there is a huge amount of power vested in the decision-making process about who gets to be featured,” Spence writes. “This is how companies can effectively impose their views on what makes a good app or game for their individual platforms.”

“The major developers know just how important promotion can be, and will ensure their apps will meet the criteria,” Spence writes. “Smaller developers need to consider just how much effort they will make to try to gain favour, or if they will tread a lonely road that relies on external user-acquisition strategies.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Featured apps in Apple’s App Store all have one thing in common — they offer unique value to users. Apple’s editors look for high-quality apps across all categories, with a particular focus on new apps and apps with significant updates.

There is no paid placement or checklist of requirements — Apple bases their decisions on a variety of factors, including:

• User interface design: the usability, appeal, and visual quality of the app
• User experience: the efficiency and functionality of the app
• Innovation: apps that solve a unique problem for users and take advantage of the latest Apple technologies
• High-quality and relevant localizations
• Integration of accessibility features
• A strong App Store product page
• Uniqueness

For games, Apple editors also consider:
• Gameplay and level of engagement
• Graphics and performance
• Audio