“Apple is pushing hard to make its phones more secure, but the quest for perfect security will never be met,” Laurie Segall reports for CNNMoney. “‘Getting to unbreakable is impossible,’ Apple engineers told CNNMoney, though there had been reports that the company was reportedly working toward that goal.”

“The engineers said that the company is constantly improving its security as hackers get more sophisticated, but that no company writes perfect code without some vulnerabilities,” Segall reports. “That’s one reason the company fought so hard against the government’s request to create special software that would help them access the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorist — a move that Apple said would ultimately weaken security. The FBI ultimately was able to access that phone without Apple’s assistance. But it has not disclosed the method or who helped do it.”

“Apple engineers think the government should share what they’ve learned,'” Segall reports. “‘We would love to know what this mechanism is so that we could address it and fix it in our product… it goes without saying normal practices are to let the manufacturer know so it’s fixed for all the customers,’ said the Apple engineer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The duplicitous FBI should disclose the super duper top secret third party (Cellebrite) and their double-secret method (NAND-mirroring), so that Apple can confirm that it doesn’t work with post-iPhone 5c iPhones (iPhone 5s and later) with Secure Enclaves.

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