Some thoughts on the Apple Pencil

“I got a 9.7-inch iPad Pro yesterday; I hadn’t planned to upgrade, but it turned out that it was useful to hand down my iPad Air 2 to my partner, whose iPad 3 is showing signs of age,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “Naturally, since I bought the iPad Pro, I had to get the Pencil.”

“I’m intrigued by the idea of using a stylus to write on the iPad. I actually envisage using it to take notes and mark up PDFs,” McElhearn writes. “As such, I bought the $8 GoodNotes, on the recommendations of several friends who already have the gargantuan iPad Pro.”

“Now, I have to come clean: my handwriting is horrible,” McElhearn writes. “In my testing yesterday, I found that GoodNotes’ OCR is about 98% accurate; and when it’s not accurate, it’s my fault for making letters that overlap. This is simply astounding.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. Apple Newton had a stylus and predates Microsoft’s efforts by years. Indeed the Newton was years ahead of its time and actually defined all efforts that came afterwards.

        1. Windows tablets and stylus got nothing to do compared with iPad… No Windows tablet would come that close to a Wacom graphic tool as Apple’s one. This has to be made clear, once for all.

    2. My thoughts are…you are attempting to troll up an angry response to get your jollies.

      Some advice: perform a little research on Microsoft and Bill Gates and you will find that Microsoft acquired or copied/stole almost every product associated with the company’s success. Microsoft has relatively limited success actually creating anything new.

      Bird of a Feather flock together…go flock yourself somewhere else.

      1. Apple has done exactly the same thing. Some advice, do some research outside of your constrained Apple world. Enjoy smoking that fat cigar out of your a**e.

            1. Yeah yeah, sure sure. The smoke is blowing hard out your ears where nothing is inside to keep it in. How does it feel to be generally regarded here as a complete ignorant dope with a tenuous grasp on reality? You’re very good at it. (Probably the only thing you’re good at.)

    3. The stylus has been around for thousands of years. But Apple’s version of it is quite innovative and very impressive. Your comment is sophomoric and pedantic. But by your logic, I suppose Chevrolet stole the idea of the wheel from Ford.

    4. “… Apple copies Microsoft yet again!”

      Oh, what a pithy comment.

      Apple has a long history of developing products that they weren’t the first to market with.

      The difference is that Apple does them correctly.

      The important thing isn’t to be first – it’s to do it better than the rest.

    5. You don’t seem to understand the difference between a stylist (piece of plastic) and an Apple Pencil.

      And if you think Microsoft invented a piece of plastic, I have a bridge in Washington to sell you.

    1. It’s great for taking notes, and it’s correct that Goodnotes has amazing OCR capability. You can search your writing without needing to convert it to text first. And if you do convert it, it works very well.

      The Pencil is a great tool, simply the best stylus out there, because it uses the Apple developed screen technology to use it with, along with the software. But, just like drawing pencils, brushes for painting, and chisels for sculpting, without the skills, it won’t make an artist out of anyone. But it is good fun anyway. And with video games going for as much as $79, it’s well worth the money.

  1. I can’t imagine anything compares to the Apple Pencil/iPad Pro combination. It feels natural, unlike an electronic device. It’s must be, in part, to the push sensitivity of the screen.

  2. To get the feel/drag of pencil on paper, you can put a
    thin sheet of paper over the screen. Ideally, since the tip
    unscrews, Apple or another company could offer a tip
    with various ”roughness” available.

  3. As I keep saying the iPad is not for professional writing. He said the Pencil was probably made for artists, yes he’s right. Instead of thinking about himself he could talk to an artist who uses it, real reporting. Even for himself he did not talk about the ability to rest your hand on the screen. That has been a big problem with tables. The iPad Pro and Pencil have been out long enough we don’t need first impressions. We need reports from people who have used it for their work, at least interview them.

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