“As expected, Apple unveiled its new 4-inch iPhone SE on Monday. As far as the hardware goes, there weren’t any big surprises,” Adam Levine-Weinberg writes for The Motley Fool. “The iPhone SE incorporates a lot of the improvements in processing power and camera performance from the iPhone 6s into the same form factor as the iPhone 5s. (3D Touch is missing, though.)”

“However, one somewhat surprising aspect of the iPhone SE rollout was its price,” Levine-Weinberg writes. “Even though the iPhone SE essentially represents a two-year technological leap over the iPhone 5s, Apple set the U.S. starting price $50 lower, at $399.”

“With the iPhone SE, Apple will test just how much price has been constraining demand,” Levine-Weinberg writes. “Price-sensitive customers can now get an affordable iPhone that’s on par with Apple’s most expensive models in terms of performance. This could allow Apple to make more headway with lower-income customers across the world, particularly in key emerging markets like China and India. Given that the smartphone market has matured in most developed countries, Apple will need to succeed in these emerging markets to grow iPhone sales in the years ahead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’ll be an interesting test. It would have been a bit purer with 3D Touch, but still more than enough to compare/contrast with iPhone 5c.