U.S. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA 49th District), commenting on the legal battle between Apple and the FBI, says its very scary when your government wants to know more about you.

Right now, [FBI Director James Comey] is betting his reputation on demanding that employees of Apple develop something so that he can spy on Americans, likely without our permission… He isn’t asking them to do a brute force attack and give them a thumb drive of information… he’s actually asking for a backdoor. He’s asking for something that would very much lead to their getting a secret wiretap, pulling the information off your iPhone, and you’re never knowing about it.

This is very, very scary when your government wants to know more about you and they’re not willing to have you know more about your government… In order to make life easier for them, they [the FBI] want a tool developed, and they’re in court using a 240-year-old law to try to force a private enterprise to do something for the government, so the government can sneak and peek into your iPhone.

It’s time for Congress to define what, in this era, would be allowed and not allowed under the Fourth Amendment… It’s terrible to use the bodies of victims to try to get something that you’re otherwise likely not to get….

It’s not only possible that the NSA could assist [the FBI] and get the information, but there’s an advantage to the NSA getting it. If our clandestine industries develop tools and get them, the advantage is the bad guys don’t know it. If this court order forces it, then the Chinese and all the other nations of the world not only will know the tool exists, but they’ll begin demanding it. — U.S. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA)

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MacDailyNews Take: We agree with U.S. Rep. Issa.

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