“Just like the Emperor wiping away the last vestiges of the Republic, AT&T is doing away with its remaining two-year contract options for cell phones,” Jeff Gamet reports for The Mac Observer. “The company has been making a push away from two-year contracts and subsidized device prices for smartphones, and come 2016 that’ll apply to the rest of its phone lineup and text messaging devices, too.”

“The big change is supposed to go into effect on January 8, according to internal documents obtained by Engadget,” Gamet reports. “Along with the end of two-year lock-in contracts, customers won’t have an option for subsidized phone prices and will instead have to pay full price up front, or spread out their device payments as installments.”

Gamet reports, “AT&T hasn’t officially announced the contract policy change, but it’s a safe bet we’ll see that in the next few days.”

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